The World's First iPad Case with Magnetic Notebook Stacking

Created for artists and entrepreneurs, Soma X is a new iPad case that magnetically connects analog notebooks onto your iPad, allowing for a sleek, minimal, and streamlined way of carrying your everyday essentials. 

Modern, Minimal, Organized.

Easily snap on and snap off the magnetic paper notebooks from each other or the iPad case.

Carry your iPad and notebook(s) in one simple and easy to use iPad Case solution.

Soma X was designed and built with exceptional quality to meet the standards of any premium apple device.

What Early Soma X Users Have to Say...

“I was really impressed with how well the Soma X Case was designed. The notebooks easily snap onto other notebooks or the iPad case and make things look really minimal and steamlined.” 

 New York, NY

“As a digital artist, I'm always carrying around multiple notebooks for my projects. The Soma X case allows me to carry all my notebooks but keep everything really clean looking and it all stays connected.” 

San Diego, CA

What's Included...

* 1x Magnetic iPad Case
* 1x Magnetic Analog Notebook
* 1x Dual Pen + Stylus Holder

iPad Series Offered:
* iPad Air (2020)
* iPad Pro 11" & 12.9" (2018-2021)

Get Your Soma X

Launching soon.

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